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Terri Olson

Terri Olson founded HR Prescriptions in January 2000 for the sole purpose of helping small and mid-size employers deal with the complexities of managing their human capital. In acting as her clients’ on and off-site HR Director, her philosophy has been to keep it simple. She only recommends what the client needs to enhance their employees’ performance and protect their business from legal exposure for non-compliance of State and Federal regulations.

After spending most of her career in the corporate world, Terri began her own venture as an independent consultant under the name of HR Prescriptions and incorporated the business in 2005. As an outsourcing specialist, her focus is on providing an on- and off-site HR professional for small to mid-sized companies. Her clients have come to trust her to give honest and simplified advice to minimize the risks in managing their most valuable asset…their employees.

Terri offers over 25 years of Human Resources generalist experience in HR management and consulting. With an expertise in employee relations, employment law, communications, policy development and conflict resolution, Terri provides a bottom-line, pro-active approach to the people management aspect of your business, consulting and coaching with a business partner mentality. Her experience with mid to large sized companies in finance, retail, medical and service industries offers real-world insight of what works and doesn’t work in today’s rapidly changing workplace environment.

Terri has presented numerous HR topics in public seminars throughout Orange County and has trained company management and staff employees on topics such as hiring the right people, sexual and other unlawful harassment, and employee coaching and discipline. Her advice has been quoted in the Law Office Administrator on the topic of managing office gossip and in Medical Office Manager on the issue of employees dating at work. In addition, Terri’s article, “Hiring and Retaining the Best” was featured in Fullerton Magazine. In addition, she contributes articles to Live Work Play, a quarterly publication of the North Orange county Chamber.

Terri is a member of the National Human Resources Association (NHRA) and an Executive Member in good standing with the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA).

Terri received a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco, graduating with honors.

Maggie Hattan

Maggie Hattan is a consultant with HR Prescriptions and offers over 20 years of professional business experience in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food service, franchising, construction, marketing/brand development, gaming, retail and hair care industries.

Companies have benefited from Maggie’s expertise in Human Resources, Operations, and Administration Management by overcoming complex business challenges, making high-stakes decisions using her experience-backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity. Clients have utilized Maggie to handle start up projects from recruitment, hiring, new employee orientation and setting up policies and procedures for their Human Resources Departments. Management and employees respect her as an advocate for empowerment and accountability.

Maggie is characterized as a strategist and diplomat who has a record of consistently delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, expense management, operational performance and profitability. She delivers mission-critical results driven by a need to strategize, to innovate and to disprove the words “It can’t be done!” She’s gifted with the vision, determination and skills needed to manage and motivate people to high-level, revenue-building strategies and tactics.

Maggie’s Human Resources expertise is coupled with her strong Marketing, Operations and Finance background becoming a strong business partner to clients in the development of global markets, mergers/acquisitions, turnaround management or restructuring /downsizing situations. She’s a relentless negotiator who uses instincts, insight, excellent judgment and timing to succeed no matter how tough the situation. As a corporate Human Resources Director, Maggie established an HR business model to take the business through a downturn economy allowing the execution of the corporate headquarters’ strategic business, marketing and financial plans. Maggie created and integrated a restructuring and downsizing plan to successfully layoff employees and ultimately close the company’s international business.

In addition, Maggie’s unique, creative, customized training programs have enabled her to motivate, mentor and lead employees. She lives the client company’s culture, directs diverse, cross-functional workforces using interactive and motivational leadership that inspires people to willingly give 110% effort and loyalty. Being bilingual, bi-cultural in the Spanish language, Maggie has inspired non-English speaking employees with her proprietary Star Guest Services Program and instructs employees on harassment issues with an EEOC-approved “Respect in the Workplace” Workshop.

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